Eleven companies have been named to the Techstars Mobility Accelerator Class of 2018.

According to the organization, this is the most diverse class of founders. It’s also interesting that not one of the companies is based in Michigan. Instead, they’ll all be coming to Detroit for the summer to work with Techstars Mobility managing director, Ted Serbinski.

Teams all deal in issues of mobility, but range in everything from bike lanes to drones, from artificial intelligence to intelligent tires.

We asked some of the companies about being included in this year’s class.

Rama Poola, CEO of SkyHi: “We’re the only ones in this class that are in the airline industry. It’s interesting to be around others in different mobility fields yet we’re all trying to move people around the planet. That’s what we’re all trying to do.”

Lynsie Campbell, founder and chief cyclist of LaneSpotter: “We’re super excited about the Techstars Mobility program, as well as the opportunity to explore Detroit for three months. It’s an honor to be selected to participate in the program–and become part of the Techstars family overall.

“This program provides a unique opportunity to plug into the transportation and mobility space in a really meaningful way. We’re looking forward to meeting, working with, and learning from people who are truly passionate about mobility.”

Komal Choong, founder and CEO of Zohr Mobile Tire Service: “We’re super excited to be a part of Techstars Mobility this summer! Our business is approaching an inflection point and we strongly believe the Techstars network can help us accelerate our growth.”

Sunjay Dodani, co-founder and CEO of IntelliTire: “Coming from San Francisco we experience first-hand the innovations in the Mobility industry every day. Being in Detroit, with the TechStars Mobility Accelerator, enables us to engage directly with the experts and decision makers who are responsible for a lot of what we are experiencing out west.

“Ted Serbinski’s reputation and his team provide the level of trust needed to foster an ecosystem of mentorship that has accelerated our company’s development further than what we could have expected. The program is a major differentiator for us as we scale for customers and funding but more importantly the network has been transformative.”

Additional members of the Techstars Mobility Class of 2018 include Aerotronic, Autobon AI, DeepHow, Driver Technologies, Humanising Autonomy, Lumos, and Priva.