The 2020 Michigan is Automobility report serves as a robust, data-driven resource highlighting the state’s decades of experience leading in the automotive industry and highlights why Michigan is positioned to continue its leadership in the mobility industry. Produced by MICHauto, Michigan’s automotive and mobility cluster association, the report tells of the state’s legacy in automotive and manufacturing, its commitment to education and talent development, and explains why it is the premier location for testing and deployments.

Released at the 2020 MICHauto Summit, the report offers industry leaders an update about where the industry stands compared to other states. The Michigan automotive industry continues to be dynamic and continuously expanding with new regulations, government partnerships, global exports, new investments and an increase in the number of entrepreneurs, with the continuation of new developments, the state is on track to continue a forward trajectory.

Michigan is home to the densest cluster of automotive and mobility assets in the world, with leading expertise in transportation, distribution, and logistics supply chain.

  • 18% of U.S. automotive manufacturing jobs are in Michigan
  • Michigan CAV legislation leads the nation, allowing driverless and vehicle platooning testing on public roads
  • Nearly 4,000 companies serving the defense industry are located in Michigan
  • 1st international border crossing by U.S. Army, TARDEC, and MDOT truck platooning test
  • #1 in the nation with: 43,890 mechanical engineers, 31,520 industrial engineers, 5,060 commercial and industrial designers

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